For those who joined InterNachi in 2018

No longer offered


I’m sure you meant for new 2018 members to check out post number 11
to get a free case of Now That You’ve Had A Home Inspection books. :slight_smile:
Thank you William!

Thanks Marc.

Can’t seem to give them away.

Email me at and I’ll have Kate create a press release for you and then I’ll blast it out everywhere including my FB pages.

I hope you can also plug QOTW for us. or… is that what you mean.

William if you can’t give them away here. Perhaps you have a NeighborWorks in your city. I give the Spanish version of the book to our local NeighborWorks program here in Green Bay. They do Spanish speaking classes to those that are new here. We get a fair amount of people her from Puerto Rico. Maybe you have a NeighborWorkd in your area. I recommend helping this organization they teach, budgeting money, home maintenance, help with getting finance and require that graduates to get home inspections. Check them out they are a good organization.