For your enjoyment.

One of the best…

who is where ???

Didn’t you hear who’s on first.:wink:

that’s what i wanted to know who’s on first???

I told you who is on first and what is on second?:wink:

what???never mind that, just tell me who’s on first…

Geeze, who’s on first and what is on second.

that’s what i want to know…who’s on first…never mind about second…

Who is on first, and what is on second and I don’t know is on third.:wink:

I just wanted to know who is on first…don’t really give a flying ratsa…about second…

I don’t know is on third and who is on first

Abbott & Costello: Good clean comedy, very funny guys. I turned my kids onto them about a year ago, they luv them too. Favorite is Abott & Costello meet Frankenstein.

Great link, thanks Frank!

I don’t care:mrgreen:

Oh that’s our Short Stop


he is on thrid and i dont care

Well maybe today will decide what tomorrow will bring. :):smiley:

Tomorrow will bring a fast ball to today :slight_smile: