Force Agreement

Any way to turn on “force agreement” by default in HG services?

On more then one occasion I have forgotten to turn it on and that confuses the client.

Anyone ?

Best guess is check directly with HG. I am just learning their system as well.

Besides contacting HG support during normal business hours the HG users group is excellent for anytime especially after hours. You need to get permission but that should not be a problem.

Currently you have to select Force agreement after you upload the agreement but we have had this discussion/request before and I think we are getting ready to make it forced by default. We held off as different inspectors used it differently to include a copy and perhaps not want it forced if they have already had it signed. So we hope that users will understand.

Include a copy of the agreement? Answer, use the include agreement check at the print settings and it will automatically include a “copy” of the agreement in the uploaded report. You must insert your agreement into the “disclaim” file at menu>Office>edit report docs.

**Include a signed copy of the agreement? **Answer, attach it to your inspection report using the attach document feature under MISC in the software.

Include an agreement to require signature before viewing the report? Answer Upload the agreement and the report together and use the Force Agreement feature that will prevent opening the report for anyone including agent. Note: It does this now but it does not force automatically. Also, associations or states want you to get the agreement signed “before” you do the inspection not during or after. So you can upload the agreement ahead of time but you need to use the same report ID in order for the inspection days later perhaps to find the agreement at the same place. This part we would need to code that in addition will also force the agreement should the buyer had failed to sign the agreement prior to the inspection, and you forgot to ensure that it was signed before the inspection.

Just wanted to make sure i wasn’t missing something. I won’t do the inspection unless the agreement has been signed in advance so I don’t actually use it to “force” them to sign. No agreement, no inspection, no report.

My last request would be a “digitally signed” watermark or stamp with the IP address placed on the signed agreement so I could print a copy and present it to the client at the inspection.

When or if you use our online click agreement, you still need to click the force agreement feature after you upload it in order for the customer to see the opportunity to agree or disagree. We actually plan to change the wording to “require” agreement but only the inspector sees that anyway.

After they agree, you can click on SEE ALL EVENTS beside the agreement and see the history or the time stamp ip address etc. of when your customer agreed to the agreement. You can print it out with your browser (right click print) but the customer can print it out too when they sign so most inspectors don’t print out paper.

I assume you know this, but in case you don’t, InterNACHI has an agreement link that has code you can place on your website to force an agreement. I use HomeGauge, but I’ve been looking at all my options and just tested this one out. I might add that it does include a signature section using a mouse or finger on a touchscreen and provides an IP address as well.

Thank David,
I have looked at the InterNACHI online agreement. While I like the signature better I find it more convenient to have everything in one location in HG Services.

Thank you Russell,
Yes, the client doesn’t see the word “force” so I am fine wit that.