Force payment changed

Trying to upload and the force payment feature has changed. There is a request payment button and there is a message that if I take cc there would be a message below. I take cc and there is no message. Just trying to get the report out this am before my first inspection… juat a heads up that there have been changes. Thanks home gauge for letting me know before you make changes so I can get things figured out. :roll::roll:

Newsletter came out today

They were able to help me when I called in.

It seems to be over thought on the process , should be easier to do

We are making some edits…

I would like to see a simpler way the old way was good and easy. Why can’t there be just a credit card button also or pull down menu . cash , credit card , check . but let the inspectors pick what they want to do about force payment. Need the KISS method . programmers have a tendency to overthink

WOW talk about making things confusing.

So I see there are now two options for messages and email message and a web message but I don’t see any place/option to send the email. Does the web message still show when they try to log in and view the report? Does the email message automatically get sent?

I agree this is getting confusing. I was also locked out if editing a clients name after I typed it wrong during scheduling. I had not sent any emails but the software said only the client could edit the details due to privacy issues once the email was sent. It had not been sent.

I’ll check on the wording. It probably should have said once the username is created with their email.

We made some edits to the payments based on feedback just a couple of days ago. These improvements hopefully make it easier for the non credit card user to force payment and release report without filling out the optional information.

This feature is still not user friendly. I placed a force pay on a report, the client paid and I went back in to mark it as paid. Could not easily find the option to change from unpaid to paid (like the old system had) Tried to change amount owed to zero would not accept. Finally I deleted the invoice (which I never sent) and this released the payment. This system seems to be set up only to support the use of Home Gauges merchant provider and is NOT user friendly to those who use other payment systems.