Force payment

I saw this posted on the HG website, without an answer. Can anybody answer this?

Is there a way to send the payment email? It appears that when we force payment, the standard report notification email goes out. What triggers the payment email template?

I don’t use the HG credit card processing, but I would like the payment request email to go out. I want to send the payment email instead of the report notification.

I know it’s Saturday, I hope I don’t have to wait until Monday for an answer. Dom?:slight_smile:

Ouch! Lol

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We used to call it “banker’s hours”, but even banks are open all the time now.

Invoice through PayPal or whoever you use.

When you choose force payment they cannot open the report until payment has been made.

I did invoice through QB. There’s a force pay email template. Do they get that email from HG automatically after they try to access the report?

I don’t think they get an email, it’s a customer note. They’ll see the message when they try to view report; When you check >Yes< Require a payment before viewed.

“This is the message that the customer will see when they try to view this report.”

Okay. So they get the message instead of the report?

Or you can set a Force Payment “reminder” which still allows them to view the report (you would probably only want to use this if you feel for sure that they will pay).

Right, if you select yes to force payment.

Correct, as Robert said. You can also edit the message template.

Thanks guys. Now I get it. You’d think that HG could explain it better.

Did you ask Dominic a question about HomeGauge?

It’s all so simple with ISN.

Hi Frank. Yes it’s Saturday and our offices are closed. We still check from time to time so since this isn’t an emergency, you can call in on Monday with these questions. I am sorry you don’t think it’s easy to understand. You can force a payment with a set up (gateway and merchant account) and it will release the payment automatically (so easy with HG and a call), or you can force payment without a set up but you will have to manually release the payment.

The drama is unreal.

I’m invoicing through quickbooks, so I will manually release the report. I didn’t see on the HG site where it explained that the client gets the force pay message instead of the report. For all I could tell it was going to send the message as an email. And if someone is expecting the report
today, then it kind of is an emergency. And this question was asked on your website a few days ago without an answer until now.

He’s answered them before Russell on occasion. :slight_smile:

So you buy from one vendor but ask for support from the competing vendor that you don’t purchase from. That’s quite interesting. Perhaps if I get a problem client I can direct them to you for support???

An even better solution regardless of software used. CASH OR CHECK AT TIME OF INSPECTION. Screw this invoicing, waiting, worrying, bs. JMHO. :shock: