Force payment

Thanks. You’re always so helpful.

I hate waiting. All payment is collected prior to leaving the inspection. If they are out of state, I try to collect prior to inspecting. I haven’t had a problem since.

Frank …

I’ve used HG for over 10 years … Terrific Service.

To make it short & sweet on HOW to FORCE payment.

If client is present at site, they fork over check OR credit card (we use Square) OR as yesterday … The home, termite & radon was $847 AND client whipped out cash

If client will NOT be there they can send a check, money order in advance OR pay by giving us their credit card and we run it thru Square (used to use Paypal BUT found Square easier to use).

The FORCE is simple … Money comes in / Report goes out.

NO Money / No Report!


I don’t blame you for not being able to find it, but here is info on our website that I thought explained it quite well
Info covers both with credit cards and without credit card set up.

Our new site is almost ready and will be a lot easier to navigate.

Thanks Russell. That explains it perfectly. How would I find such information in the future?

Thank you Dan. That’s so simple. Next time I will grab the 80 year old woman by the neck and “force” pay.:mrgreen:

It was there on HomeGauge website under HG Services Force Payment. But our site is scattered and needs an upgrade. We are making it a lot easier to find things on the new one.

I don’t use HG but I was able to find the Force Payment information on the HG site with a couple of clicks and in less than 30 seconds.

Yes, I guess it was just wrong of me to expect a link in the force pay option explaining the process. And I certainly had no business coming here to ask. My apologies.

Just goes to show that you made the wrong choice if you feel the need to apologize to a vendor for their inadequacies!

LOL! Check out the HIP wishlist thread. HG already has 99% of those things. :stuck_out_tongue:

Many of the HIP wishlist HIP has . Just ppl don’t know how to use them.

You are probably right Roy. I still find things in HG that I didn’t know was there.

Yep! It is always a work in progress.
Most think that they can just download either softwares and hit the floor running.
This isn’t the case. It take time to figure both of them out.
Some have a harder time than others.

Frank …

Not sure if you’re joking or not, but its real simple. We are a business. A cash & carry business … If people don’t pay they don’t get the benefit of our services or skills.

I go to Walmart OR Sears, etc for a new set of tires. They’re gonna cost $400 to $650

They’ll put em on for me BUT when I want drive off … I need to write a check; whip out cash; OR give them a credit card. Well guess what, Home Inspection is the same deal, so when people say FORCE payment, I gotta laugh.

Not to be rude BUT if any of our members are naive OR stupid enough to do the inspection AND give out a report without money in their hands … AND don’t get paid OR worse yet go begging for their money, they deserve to be screwed.

Thanks for the economics lesson Dan. I’m not asking how to get paid, when to get paid, or anything else. I was asking for clarification about the force pay feature on Homegauge.

Simple Question Frank?

Why would you need to FORCE pay anyone vs just simply getting paid at site OR in advance if they’re not there? OR am I missing something here?