forced air furnace in uncovered crawlsapce

I am studying about radon and I am wondering about forced air furnaces in unmitigated crawl spaces. It seems to me that if there is a potential level of radon gas in the crawl space soil, that the air handler
would distribute this contamination throughout the living spaces of the structure. How can this issue be resolved other than relocation of furnace?

Many furnaces are in a crawl spaces here, is the crawl vented? vapor barrier? have done a radon test? I would think these would have to answered before locating a furnace somewhere

If radon levels are high then the readings will be high with or without the air handler in the crawl space. Point is if it is in the crawl space already then it is in the house already. Testing would be recommended either way

One must mitigate the Radon so it doesn’t enter the air handler: