Ford Arrives at InterNACHI Headquarters

Nick Gromicko at the registration booth. Let’s get this party started!

InterNACHI staffers and event crew (from left to right)
Kim Stover, Margo Helein, Sheilenna Hopkins, Michelle Thakur, Charley Bottger (CMI), Tanya Nascimento, Nick Gromicko, Olena Sepyahina, Jessica Langer, Kristi Fox and Moranda Evans

2017 Ford Escape ready for test drive

Ginger Kasanic, Ford’s Media Integration Manager-Utility Vehicles and Technology and Nick Gromicko. Nick gives Ginger a tour of InterNACHI’s House of Horrors.

For more information about InterNACHI’s benefit with Ford Motor Corporation visit

Hey, that’s Charley Bottger in that PIC.

Seems to be a a lot of red in that picture lol

Why is Kristi holding her middle finger up?

Is that a Mexican food truck in the background? Man do I miss those breakfast burritos I used to get from them back in the day when I lived in CA.

Very nice breakfast burrito. Tasted great. :mrgreen:

Hey its been great being up here in Co the weather is great but the traffic is terrible.

Had some fun laughing about roof climbing with Kenton and Ben

For those that have missed the stucco/Efis class with Ron Hoffman shame on you.`