Ford to offer buyouts to 54,000 workers

More evidence of a slowdown.

Ford to offer buyouts to 54,000 workers
By TOM KRISHER, AP Auto Writer
Thu Jan 24, 9:35 AM ET

Ford Motor Co. said Thursday it will offer buyout and early retirement packages to all 54,000 U.S. hourly workers in an effort to cut more jobs and replace workers with those making a lower wage.

Chief Executive Alan Mulally said the new round of buyouts was negotiated with the United Auto Workers union.

He said the first round would be offered immediately to workers who had been employed at already closed plants in Atlanta, St. Louis, Edison, N.J., and Norfolk, Va. Those offers close Feb. 28.

Employees are expected to leave the company by March 1, Mulally said during a conference call with reporters and industry analysts to discuss the company’s 2007 earnings.

The second round of buyouts would go to workers at all other U.S. Ford locations, opening the week of Feb. 18 and closing March 17. Mulally said workers who take packages in this round would likely leave the company starting April 1, with all of them gone by year’s end.

Thanks a lot Washington D.C, and and the inept political leaders of Michigan.


Thank you Clinton.

Union labor has run its course. Only 13% of the domestic work force is unionized and the majority of those work for the government, schools, etc…

Need we say more?

Can you imagine what a domestic built television set manufactured by union labor would cost? No more TV for me!