Fore once something on the lighter side

It is astonishing how a distance of about 60 km changes the demographics and peoples attitude.

When I dissolved my home inspection business last year - I also sold my condo in Toronto and moved to Burlington. I now live worry free in an apartment with view of the lake and watching from the balcony pleasure boats and commercial ships go by.

My move has required several visits to governmental agencies in Burlington. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that even civil servants can be accommodating and friendly. The change of address also resulted in a $250.00 premium reduction for my car insurance, because the driving in the area is more relaxed with fewer accidents.

The service in stores is much more polite - and more people have wished me a *“nice day” *in the elevator in one year, than the neighbours in the condominium have in the past fifteen years. Even the liquor and beer stores are opening at 9.30 instead of 10 o’clock as in Toronto.

The overall experience is: After I have lived and worked in the “Centre of the Canadian Universe” for 47 years - I think I died and went to haven.

Rudolf Reusse - Burlington, Ontario

Where is haven?

West of Toronto , Gezz everyone Knows that.

Haven must be a nice place.

Oh, for haven’s sake!

Rudolf,best wishes in your new place,happy to hear you are enjoying it.

" because the driving in the area is more relaxed with fewer accidents."

HA! Apparently you have not seen how they drive up there on the QEW and Guelph line south to the 407!! I was there yesterday with the RV.

I talked about driving around town - and not the idiots who are driving by on the QEW or killing themselves on the Burlington bridge.

Yep they love the sway of the bridge in the wind