employees plead guilty.

GRAND RAPIDS — Three mid-Michigan women pleaded guilty Monday in a federal court in Grand Rapids to charges of mail fraud. The women, Kristen Smith, 33, of Okemos, Rebecca Blaha, 31, of East Lansing and Sarah Kinney, 27, of Holt, said in their guilty pleas they were employees of Foreclosure Bank Inspection Co., which has operated out of the Lansing area since 2007. The women admitted FBIC is a mail fraud scam that cheats applications out of pre-paid fees.

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service estimates FBIC has taken in more than $2 million in fraudulently paid fees from 25,000 victims. A sentencing date hasn’t yet been set, but the women each face a maximum penalty of three years in prison, a year of supervised release and a fine of $250,000.

We have had a few discussions here on Jay Vincent.
Was he as the owner implicated in any way?

The site is still up and brags about being scam free.

Source: Lansing State Journal…

Wow, thats a little close to home for me. Grand Rapids is a hour and a half away.

About time:

No kidding its about time…I can’t tell you how many characters have called me directly in the last three years,
from all parts of the country, asking about this guy and his scheme…:roll:
they found my inquiry some time ago, and think I know all about it…sheesh…:frowning:
I’m glad to help protect those that may think this is a good idea…

Hope he’s gone…

Due to the economy, fraud is running rampant. We all must take care on what we do, write, and say. Be careful out there.

United States vs Jay Vincent and Anthony Portee has a status hearing set for Oct 21st and trial is scheduled for Nov 2nd.