Foreclosures becoming more challenging

Due to the neglect in the recent months on Foreclosed Homes, Inspections seem to be more and more challenging. Are there any courses available that address the challenges faced with foreclosures and what to be especially attentive to when a home has be abandoned for 6 months or longer?
LOX Home Inspections, LLC

This should help.

I see where you are coming from. No matter what the age, or history of the home, there are checks and balances in our business and a foreclosured home inspection should not be any different in nature.
LOX Home Inspections, LLC

If it has been empty for 6 mos. in Florida make dam sure you wear a respirator before entering the building.

You never know…

McDonald mold010 (Small).JPG

McDonald mold009 (Small).JPG

Plenum mold.JPG

Roof leak.JPG

I see South Florida is not much different than South Georgia…

I always walk thru the house first to make sure there are no tags from preservation companies prior to turning on any faucets or furnace/AC, garage door…as even in CA they do things that shouldnt be winterized and such.

Foreclosures no different from any other Inspection
Note Defects…
Recommend Repair Accordingly…