Foreclosures helping change color of some suburbs

Is it just me or does this article sound racist just a little?

Foreclosures helping change color of some suburbs

Vaughn I agree, that article is written with a very Racist undertone.:roll:


LMAO…yea just a little

Interesting is that the Chicago Tribune just did a color map of where all the races are moving to and out of but with the map and no picture of a empty beer bottle had no negative commentary.
Guess everything is about presentation.

Why is it racist? It’s not about race it’s about facts and what people are not willing to tolerate. If someone moves in next door to you and they don’t maintain their property like everyone else, if they are blasting their music all day and night, walking down the middle of the road or on the sidewalk two or more side by side and generally being inconsiderate it’s their actions and not their race that people dislike.

The article speaks of a way of life that is acceptable in some areas but not others. If the intention is to escape “the ghetto” and remove yourself from the actions you don’t like in that neighborhood, then why bring those actions with you?

I grew up in the ghetto where people were shot at, stabbed, sold drugs and everything else that comes with it. When I moved out to something better I did it to escape those things and not subject my neighbors to the way of life I was used to. I instead respected my neighbors and took advantage of my new surrounding to enjoy a way of life I always wanted showing respect to others and myself.

To me this article speaks truth and while it does focus on blacks it does not make the article racist. It’s more about a way of living and what people are not willing to tolerate. Being courteous and respectful is not a color thing.

And before anyone thinks I am in any way racist, if you knew me and my family, you would know better.

Like some who push licensing bills to increase the cost of being an inspector to keep the part timers out…expensive neighborhoods were (and still are) being created with similar intent.

Now, the falling prices are a social “equalizer” and those who sought such properties for the wrong reasons are suffering for it…just like the licensing proponents who find “schools” popping up all over their state to turn out instant home inspectors with $199 fees.

Big deal. They got it coming.

Have you changed your mind again?