Foreign particles in the Lungs

Just a note of warning for anyone who is interested. I have been hacking and coughing for about a month. This past week started coughing and blood appeared. I went to the ER, had some test done. They found some spots on my lungs. Unsure if it is Fiberglass or Fungus. They are doing more test.
Just wanted to let the rest of the inspectors who think it is not necessary to wear mask. I know, I learn my lessons the hard way. I always tell myself it can’t happen to me because I am too healthy and watch everything. Guess what?
So everyone be cautious and wear the PPA where it is needed. PPA - Personal Protective Appearl.


Best of Luck I hope it is nothing serious

Hi to all,

Hey Rick,

I am so sorry to here that, I hope you get over it quickly.

we all tend to forget just how many iritants we are exposed to on a daily basis, my stepson and myself both became pretty sick from mold spores a few years ago from working in one particular damp basement, we both ended up on anitbiotics for 10 days.

Personally I now wear full face mask in any confined location, and teach that all home inspectors do the same.

be safe be well


Thanks guys!

Hope you feel much better soon, and that the spots disappear. Fiberglass, fungus–you haven’t been quail hunting with Cheney have you?

Speaking of which…notice the graphic they keep showing, the animated version of him trying to kill that guy…well, those don’t look like quail to me…you’d think somebody would design a better video game to demonstrate his killing abilities…

Sorry for thread drift…


I hope your recovery goes well. Keep us posted.

Speaking of Cheney…

I think would rather be quail hunting with Dick Cheney

than riding in a car with Ted Kennedy…

Dittos :slight_smile:

One thing I will say about this lesson. It is not a fun one. As long as I stay on the couple of meds they gave me I am fine. If I am late on the one I start coughing a lot.
I have to go to the Pulmonary Doctors next week. Before I realized what had happen the quack Docs were trying to find something with the wrong tools. I had to have a CT Scan to catch this. I was having a problem for about a month. I was being treated for Brochitis.
I will let you know but I am still banging. The blessing of all this, I have clients buying 38 building in my area, another one buying 4 more, and others
so I am busy on top of it all. Doing inspections every day of the week.

I would never go hunting with a politician, they are always taking shots at each other. Watch TV.

Thanks for all your concerns.




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Good Luck and I hope that you get well VERY soon!