Forget Disney World, I'm going to Phoenix

Just got off of the USAirways website and am booked to Phoenix on August 1 for the next chapter meeting of the Phoenix Chapter of NACHI.

I am looking forward to meeting Phoenix area members and non-members alike. You do not need to be a NACHI member to come to this meeting. So mark your calendars.

The venue is air-conditioned, isn’t it?

Joe, you’ll have a great time with wonderful folks.
Be sure to tilt back some Kilt Lifters (beer, that is . . .).

Brian should know where some exist . . . even if he can’t always find the Stockyards.

I’m certainly going to need some restorative after USAirways shoe-horns my 6’, 2" body into a middle seat for 5 hours. Sant’ Anton! I’m definitely going to be relyin’ on Brian.

Joe…I fly USAirway once a month, if you check-in for your boarding pass the night before (on the web), first-class is a $150.00 upgrade, well worth the money.

The only time seats were not available (23 hrs. in advance) is holidays.

I know the feeling, Joe;
I have a 22 yr old Toyota truck (280k miles) with seats more comfy than an airline’s . . .

If Russell pick you up it is the bed of the truck for Joe Ferry. The dog rides shotgun.

Believe it or not, Merle has never been in the front of my truck!
Learned about the dog hair thing years ago.

Hey Joe Ferry,

Hope you’re doing well. Can you please give us some insight into any possible downside liability for us home inspectors who refer clients to the “Neighborhood Environmental Reports” program. Should something go amiss and a client bring suit against EDR, could we be held responsible for the report contents.

Good natural hazards disclosure providers will:

  • Base their research on the most up-to-date and detailed local and state information
  • Base their research on your unique property boundaries—not some random computer icon (i.e. a caricature of a house, star or dot) that does not accurately reflect your property
  • Clearly outline whether the subject property is in a hazard zone
  • Give details of the source of information contained in the report
  • Guarantee the completeness and accuracy of its reports
  • Carry sufficient “errors and omissions” (E&O) insurance coverage
    It appears the 2005 class action lawsuit in California involved “Natural Hazards Disclosure Reporting Companies” not operating with the above referenced protocols and or standards in mind.

My question of Joe Ferry is:

Can I be held liable for the errors, omissons and or unethical business practices of a “Natural Hazards Disclosure Reporting Firm/Company” which was referred through my website and or for which I received a referral fee?

You are my new best friend, Dale. I will definitely spring for a buck fifty to stretch this long body out. You’re in for an Irish Car Bomb or whatever you want to drink if I connect on that tip.


Are you ignoring me and my question regarding EDR-Neighborhood Environmental Report liability for home inspectors who refer same?

Can I assume your lack of response is an actual answer to my question?

If you continue to ignore me, I’ll assume the answers are “yes and yes”


Will, EDR is Pillar and Posts trademarked environmental report company.

Neighborhood Environmental is Nick’s environmental report company that he started in response/competition to P and P that quite possibly infringes on EDR’s trademark.

Hey Wendy,

I’m assuming you mean P to P has formed a business relationship with EDR to provide EDR’s reports for P to P customers. Is that correct? It appears EDR is a wholly owned entity of a larger UK based holding company that is not connected with P to P. I would also think EDR must have a relationship with Nick and NACHI as well, how else could we link with their site, insert a NACHI ID number, receive a fee and give a discount to the client and the client receive an EDR report?

Yes, I believe that is what it is.

I had gathered from your post that you were thinking that EDR was the provider of environmental reports for the NACHI referrals. I believe the relationship b/w P&P and EDR is exclusive but I’m not sure.

Are we ever going to find out who the actual originator of the NACHI program “Natural Hazards Disclosure Report” is?

EDR Neighborhood Environmental provides P and P’s, and Neighborhood Environmental provides NACHI’s.

EDR is a large information technology firm. Nick’s Neighborhood Environmental internet company is not. He must be buying or aquiring the reports from a larger firm or maybe has the Girls at NACHI throwing together reports in their spare time. In either case it’s not something I’m going to involve myself in, particularly since I operate my inspection business in California.

You know what they say, “If it Looks, smells and walks like a duck, run the other direction”