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New stove!

Fridge was new too - had an icemaker, but no water line. :shock:

:mrgreen:See that too Rick.
Last week, no anti-tip bracket on this one either, but I could not tip it over, cause it hit the microwave first.

New home build too!



The old “low microwave in leiu of anti-tip bracket” trick.


There was a toggle switch on the top of the stove control panel for a light, and I could not fit my fingers inbetween the two.
Did you notice the nice receptacle fit out in the cabinet?

Pretty amazing for a new home. The report on that one with pictures was 42 pages with no garage and no attic. No access. :slight_smile:

Yesterday I had a new food disposal with no electrical hookup (wiring or switch). Guess the plumber and electrician were not on the same page.:roll:

New electrical energy saver model…there should be an allen wrench somewhere that fits into the bottom of the disposal to spin it by hand. :cool::roll:

saving electricity and getting a work out too…talk about your green building practices…that guy shouild get an award…