Form 7-4

Am I correct in hearing that there is ANOTHER new TREC Form7-4 that is coming out later this year ?

Yes sir. Has already been released for voluntary use and will be mandatory after Sept 1.

imo, any vendor furnishing “promulgated report” software should be in direct contact with, on the agencies mailing list & updated of any changes as they are issued

google trec & click the inspector information tab
it’s public info
any further request for information (RFI) should be directly addressed with trec

any outdated promulgated forms usage or any errors within the promulgated form can cause the inspector using to accrue some hefty fines when brought to trec’s attention


Because we love changes…

Whose “WE” ??? :cool:

thats where trec adds additional trec disclaimers to OUR report form…it just gets better and better…and the Inspector Advisory Committee is complicit.

REI 7-4 is mandatory September 1, 2014. It is optional until September 1.

BestInspectors.Net customers can download the update and use it now. It is a free update for our customers.

Our software has been updated now to the 7-4 form…it was only an extra paragraph added to the text at the beginning of the report. I think TREC is running out of room for all their disclaimers now that it is 2 full pages long now. :cool:

Remember that our software lets you create any type of data collection method you want and still be able to create the mandatory TREC form. You can do your inspection room-by-room and it will move the appropriate data to the right area on the TREC form.

Jeffrey, there’s one other TINY change, you need to add an “s” in Plumbing Systems.

Oh lord…a missing “s”…:D…and of course there is the footer change on each page also to signify it is the 7-4 form.

Hey, I missed the ‘s’ the first 5 times I tried to figure out what the heck they were changing!

Glad I checked this thread. Never heard about it till now. Amazing!!

A LOT of Texas inspectors do not know about this change.

They would and easily could if they paid attention to what TREC does at their meetings. There is also a monthly TREC Advisor that is sent out to all TREC licensed folks. Information is there as well.

It is not hard.

It should be something that a responsible licensed inspector, agent, broker, appraiser does on a regular basis.

Just being the messenger…the communication needs work in my opinion. Also…vendors need to be informed.

Goodness…irresponsible inspectors…

FWIW here is the URL to TREC where folks can get their e-mail address on the TREC mailing list.

Granted communications from TREC is not the greatest, but the information is at their website, but (unfortunately) one has to go poking around to find it. It is not always in the most obvious locations.