Form Poured Foundation

This house is 24 years old (built in 1995), has a formed poured foundation. There is a lot of stuff around so I cannot get a good view. There is what appears to be rust-like sediment along the vertical seam and a thin horizontal crack. I can’t tell anything more about the crack due to so much stuff in the basement. I welcome any input on either. Thank you!!

Was the ground sloping toward this side of the home? Looks like water stains along the horizontal line. Did you use a moisture meter?

Horizontal line (based on the picture) is a cold seam, done at pouring, they pour to a certain level, then come back and top it off with a second pour. Vertical line is probably from seepage at the form ties and/or panel seams, that line is too straight to be water marks. It is common to get rust streaks from the panel ties weeping. When they pull the forms, panel ties are broken off and supposed to be patched and waterproofing applied to the exterior.

Looks like the rust stain could be coming from the anchor bolt above or something laying on top of the foundation. Although at times rust would come from the form tie that we see, this stain appears to be coming from the top.
The horizontal line that you see is appears to be a pour line joint or cold joint. Typical of a residential concrete pour with an 8" slump judging from the angle of the pour line.
Any more pictures of that line from other areas? Or at least from farther back?

Great input! I was thinking along the line of marks left by forms. Unfortunately? The homeowners are moving and have a lot of things up against the basement walls.