Here is my 1802 form for all **Nachi **members in non-tablet version and tablet version(click to insert pics).

Resistance is futile

Thanks but I like the one I have.


thanks for the new form. I will use it from now on. :smiley:

Just joking. you may want to remove your signature from the one posted here. Trust me you do not want that in the wrong hands.

Remember the situation I was in. That guy or others like him will print it up and start using it. He is a InterNACHI member so be careful.

Thanks Mike I removed it.

Here is one without my signature.

Thank you for the form John, much appreciated all of your work.

Great move with this form John, and thanks for sharing it - It will eventually become the professional standard and will set those using it apart from the rest. Many have been using their own format for a professional looking form, but having a universally accepted automated 1802 form just adds professionalism to our industry.

Nice form. :wink:

You should know since you made it.

I think being able to load the pictures into the same form saves a lot of time, and talk about uniform & consistency, every one looks like every other one.

Funny, I’ve done hundreds of wind mits using my expanded form with the pictures and none have ever come back. :smiley:

Remember we were providing pictures long before they were required. :wink:

Did you want to remove your initials also ?

Man, Citizens is going to wonder how Greg did 600 wind mits in a single week – oh, never mind, your right ---- they probably won’t wonder.

Here is my two wind mit forms. The tablet version has click to insert pictures, the pages can not be separated on that version.

Let me know if you find any flaws.

Thank you John!

I think you mentioned at the meeting having a word version, is that avalable?


Again, thanks for all you do. I downloaded your form, can’t figger out how to add pix…

ON the tablet version click the blank space on the last few pages. There is spots of text and places for pics. The pages are blank so when you do not enter info nothing shows, including a place holder.