Formaldehyde in OSB

I am concerned about the gases from the phenolic based material. According to your website, “While plywood and OSB both off-gas formaldehyde, OSB off-gasses more of the carcinogenic gas.”

I understand that there’s more natural formaldehyde from the wood itself in comparison to the resin used. If that was true, then the statement from your website would be incorrect since plywood contains more wood? I am hoping I am right since I am very concerned about the osb being used in our floor.

"osb being used in our floor "
I would never use OSB as a sub floor sheathing.

I’d be more concerned with the finish materials throughout the home… wood flooring, carpeting, sofa, cabinets, etc…

I would bet that 99% of the subfloors in new construction are OSB up here.