formaldehyde testing

Are there any Inspectors in the Hillsborough County, Florida area who test for formaldehyde?

I already called Pro Lab and they do not have any info.

Call EMSL. I do no think Prolab even handles Formaldehyde.

EMSL does formaldahyde testing.

That is where I send all my Formaldehyde samples to be analyzed. Do not send them for pick up at FedEx office like they recommend like I did last time. They actually picked it up on Saturday but it took another week before their Receiving department brought it to the lab. I am guessing it was misplaced and they happened to find it a week later. They did not even apologize for it being so late. I did not even get an Oops from them. The funny part is they have asked me earlier for my mold business too. The only reason why I let them analyze my Formaldehyde samples is because I can not find anybody else. They seem to operate like Prolab. Prolab use to analyze my mold samples but I never knew when I was going get the results, sometimes just two days and others two weeks. It does not go over well with the buyer of a home when he gets the results right before he is expected to close on the property.