former home inspector turned waterproofing consultant

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He gets some of the MYTHS on this subject…
Common myths about wet basements…

  1. you can waterproof your basement by applying CRAP on the inside of basement walls

  2. raising the grade around your house will dry up your basement

  3. water coming up through the floor means a high water table

  4. WRONG— fixing a crack in the wall will keep water out of basement.
    Ummm, when a homeowner (and there are many) only get water in their basements because there is a crack (s) in their basement wall then, yes, waterproofing that crack correctly on the exterior WILL keep water out of their dumb basements. Shhhhesh k, i have done this for only 37 damn years, come on!! wtffffff looolllllll

  5. underground downspout drains are rarely a problem

  6. aftermarket waterproofing systems (interior basement drainage systems) are approved by building codes.
    I don’t know whether they are or not but the cities around here ‘pass’ the stupid inspection of these fraudulent interior systems when the homeowners actual problems are exterior cracks in their walls, yup.

  7. bad WEEPING TILES are a major cause of basement seepage.
    …Un—BA----lievable how many people say–think this, “Duh I must have clogged drain tiles around my house”… think again baby.

  8. gutter covers are a great investment

  9. window well covers prevent basement seepage
    i won’t even bother to post #10, shouldn’t have bothered with a couple others, whatever.

I hear some of these in my freaking sleep, “It must be the drain tiles”… “Install interior drain tiles in the basement and my problems will be solved”…“All you need to do is raise and slope the grade, or get longer downspout extensions or a SPLISHY-----SPLASHY block” and so on, drives uncle Bubb’s crazy, got crazy???