Good Day.

What forms do you use and where can I get them? Consent forms and of course the inspection form.

Most people use software these days…

A little more detail… what software seems to work best and is affordable???

Not sure what you mean by “forms” but there are forms for everything.

Thanks Nick… Sorry if I have so many questions… is there or what software package do Home Inspectors Use to generate their reports versus the pre printed (expensive) Type?. Thanks again.

David what is your experience in the industry?
How long have you been inspecting homes.
What is your current method of delivering a report?
Are you a licensed home inspector? Does your State require a license?
If so where?
Maybe that will help others tailor their answers to figure out what you need better.

You need two years of educating yourself on business. Take those two years and read every word on this message board, take every NACHI test twice, and ride with an experienced inspector at least 50 times on inspections.

Several people have contacted me over the years that they wanted to be a home inspector. I simply told them to first attend at least 20 inspections with me to decide if they wanted to become HI’s.

Not one lasted past #6.

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