Fort Worth Texas home inspector Ted Menelly is a thief. Don't hire him to inspect.

He refuses to take down InterNACHI’s article from his website:

For Fort Worth Home Inspectors inspecting home in the entire Dallas Fort Worth Texas Metroplex

What Really Matters?](

Buying a home? The process can be stressful. A home inspection is supposed to give you peace of mind, but often has the opposite effect. You will be asked to absorb a lot of information in a short time. This often includes a written report, checklist, photographs, environmental reports and what the inspector himself says during the inspection. All this combined with the sellers disclosure and what you notice yourself makes the experience even more overwhelming. What should you do?

Relax. Most of your inspection will be maintenance recommendations, life expectancies and minor imperfections. These are nice to know about. However, the issues that really matter will fall into four categories: Major defects. An example of this would be a structural failure. Things that lead to major defects. A small roof-flashing leak, for example. Things that may hinder your ability to finance, legally occupy or insure the home. Safety hazards, such as an exposed, live buss bar at the electric panel.

Anything in these categories should be addressed. Often a serious problem can be corrected inexpensively to protect both life and property.

Most sellers are honest and are often surprised to learn of defects uncovered during an inspection. Realize that sellers are under no obligation to repair everything mentioned in the report. No home is perfect. Keep things in perspective. Do not kill your deal over things that do not matter. It is inappropriate to demand that a seller address deferred maintenance, conditions already listed on the sellers disclosure or nit-picky items.

Don’t forget your termite inspection that we will set up for you for your convenience. Check out the W.D.I. page.

Contact: Ted Menelly

Castle Home Inspection Service


“The Right Choice”

“Inspected Once, Inspected Right”

Home inspector and thief Ted Menelly also stole InterNACHI’s Registered Trademarked tagline “Inspected Once, Inspected Right.”

Don’t hire Fort Worth, Texas home inspector Ted Menelly. He might steal from you too!

When he copied and pasted stuff from our site onto his, he also accidentally copied the live hyperlinks back to InterNACHI’s site, demonstrating that he knowingly stole from InterNACHI.

Not only is Texas home inspector Ted Menelly a thief, he is a stupid thief.

Click on his webpage here:

Then click on the title of InterNACHI’s article… it links back to where he stole it from (us). What an idiot.

This is stuff he stole from InterNACHI’s website:

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Yes, and refuses to take it down. Time to run a google adword campaign warning consumers looking for a home inspector in Forth Worth, Texas and linking back to this thread.

If any consumer looking for a home inspector in the Fort Worth area is reading this, don’t hire Ted Menelly, he is a thief. You can call me on my personal cell phone at (720) 272 8578 and I’ll tell you more about thief Ted Menelly of Castle Home Inspection Services.

Consumers reading this should go here to find an honest, certified home inspector:

Was he given a DMCA Take Down Letter?

That notice wouldn’t go to him. It goes to the company that hosts his website.

File a complaint with TREC.

I would assume such action violates TREC ethics and moral character.

In any case the complaint will stay in his file and he will have to report any complaints (win or lose) on the yearly E&O renewal application.

Appears to be 2 inspectors under Castle Home Inspection Service in Texas per TREC in the same Dallas/Ft.Worth area.