Fortune 500 companies spending millions to promote NACHI members.

With help from companies like Home Depot, Glad, DIRECTV, Bowflex, Vonage, Budget, ConnectUtilities, PODS, Domino’s Pizza, Lamps Plus, Done Right, PRO-LAB, Mayflower, Best Buy, Brinks, Allied, Bank of America, and Clorox, NACHI has created the Home Head Start guide full of maintenance reminders, home improvement advice, advantages of having a seller inspection performed, home security tips, and a moving checklist. Each guide includes over $1,000.00 worth of gift certificates and savings coupons of interest to homebuyers and homesellers. Nearly 1 million have been shipped to consumers across the United States.

Is there a PDF file for the current Home Head Start Guide like there was for the last issue?

All but the last 5 pics at the bottom of are from the new Guide.

Are we trying to market anything on the commercial side of things like to Emerson elc. or liebert corp two of the biggest in commercial products and persision a/c companies??