Forum contributor Martin Brooke is now an invisible member.

He can post unmoderated.

Welcome Martin.

Thank you so much, it is an honor to be here! :D:D

Ok, I logged in with my new account. One…two…three testing :smiley:

You’re live Martin!

What are your credentials and why as a non member can you post stuff

He is a member…

Welcome Martin

Martin is welcome :)…

But, I wonder what this means:

Anyone can be invisible…it’s just a profile setting. It means consumers can’t find him as an inspector.

I was wondering what the meant myself, but it makes sense now.

Anyway, thanks for the welcomes! :smiley:


Fair question.

Or should I rephrase the question… *“Who is Martin Brooke, and why do we care”? *

Like Greg… Just askin’

He’s been a valuable contributor to this message board, but isn’t a home inspector, so we made him an invisible member so that he could post unmoderated.

He’s an electrician I believe.

Thanks for helping Martin.

Do we have very many invisible Members .

Thank you! Was that very difficult? You could have said that in your first post.

Welcome Martin, and thanks for your contributions. Now that you show as a Member, perhaps I and others will take more notice. Nothing personal. :wink:

The biggest group of invisible members we have is HUD. HUD pays InterNACHI to provide our courses to all their directors and managers.

Think of the things you could do if you were invisible. Hmmm…

Great memories here .

The Shadow - Old time radio!