Forum has Medieval Disease


down here 12:47 est South Florida.

Just letting you guys know.

It really sucks today. :frowning:

Yep been freezing off and on like crazy.
Taking a long to post even this.

The “student discussion”, “education and training”, and “legislative” threads have taken over this once fun to visit forum.

Nick thinks thinks these threads are good because they supposedly get more hits. Most of us disagree. I’m getting sick of them.

Most traffic is not from inspectors. Google something specifically inspection or home-defect related and 9 times out of 10 a consumer ends up here. We’re handling more and more traffic every day.

**Inspectors **pay INACHI dues, and would like to use the board without all the thousands of Student posts, Education threads and similarly distracting ad nausueam postings.

Not the casual Google user.

Maybe you can code an option to block certain Categories?


Dude above this forum usually flies. Give the Boss a break I am sure they know it and will always do all he can to keep it as fast as possible for us.

If you are referring to me (I know you can type out a name) my comment was to the ever increasing “junk-posts” that are growing each day, clogging the board, and will likely not go away by themselves.



Yes I was. No disrespect intended.

It’s back…

It took close to 40 seconds just to get to get to see this dialog box open :frowning:

Yes, very slow last month or two? Also… would seem that I’m logged in for days even after closed browser etc (only way to change is log out, never bothered in past)… sometimes if I haven’t come here in a few days or more, the system shows I’m still logged in. Maybe this creates a “higher number of users” but maybe clogging the works… dunno. But yes, dragonass in full effect here as well.

It’s Back 4:35 EST 2/17