Found in the attic

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I told my client, the good news is I don’t think you have a problem with mice in your attic…
Anyone else find any crazy creatures in attics, crawl spaces, or other places? I’ve been surprised by dogs too… that the seller/owner forgot to tell me about… I now take TP with me to Inspections!

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Just wonder if your client will buy this house.

Yes, she bought the house. She required the seller to have a pest control management company come in and also provide any necessary follow ups for removal of said snake or other per my recommendation.

Thanks for the photo. I’ve found just about every kind of critter in the attic/basement/crawlspace/outbuilding, but the one that actually scared me was a toad. I was putting my hand behind a crawlspace pier (actually second guessing my decision as I lost sight of my hand, which you should never do), and well, this toad came out of nowhere and hit me in the face. That Tyvek suit only got one use…


How about the recommendation for the insulation?:smiley:

TP=Toilet paper?

Yes… that is correct

Yes the insulation was mentioned. R-38 is recommended in this region. There were several other issues addressed in my report concerning this attic, however this post was just pointing out the snake skin I discovered while venturing deep into the attic. The black in the pic is just some plastic laying over top of the insulation.

Now just admit it guys…we love finding things like this (and I hate snakes)…

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I found my first snake skin on an inspection in a water well cover. Caution is always necessary :wink:

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Wasps and yellow jackets. Tis the season to keep the spray on the truck!

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Awesome idea! I got stung by a wasp in the back of my arm yesterday just closing a garage door at an inspection.