found rotten wood

We paid for full inspection and the seller fixed the problem and closed the deal.
When we removed carpet, we found a water leak and found a rotten wood underneath of the siding on the exterior wall and siding was loose as well. As the leak was minor inside of the house, I don’t think the seller even knew if there was a leak. However, the inspector should have noticed.

Do we have any recourse to assist us in paying for the repair? What is the recommended next step for us to take?

We talked to realtor but she does not have an solution to this.


You did not see the leak until the carpet was removed. Did you expect the inspector to remove the carpet?

Likewise, did you expect the inspector to remove the siding?

Inspectors do not possess x-ray vision.

If there was some visible manifestation of the leak, then I would agree the inspector should have noticed. If it was hidden (i.e. under carpet or behind siding), I don’t see why you would expect for the inspector to have noticed that.

If you read your inspection agreement you will likely see various disclaimers about what the inspection covers and does not cover, and what your recourse is if you feel the inspector has not performed per the terms of the agreement. I would advise you start from there.

A home inspection is visual only; it is not destructive. The inspector does not remove carpets nor siding. A home inspection is not a guaranty nor a warranty, it reduces your risk when purchasing a home. Just saying.

If the shoe was on the other foot, and you were the seller, would you want the inspector to remove your siding and pull up your carpet?

Better yet, have you spoken with the inspector and gotten his take on the issue?