Found this in cold air return

Home inspection yesturday found this in the cold air return at the base of the furnace. How would you write it up.

011 (2) lizard.jpg

In Ontario?? Titusville, Fla maybe but Ontario?? :shock:

“Fluffy” found, see Invoice for Removal Fee :smiley:

Too bad there was a pre-filter; he would have been cooked and ready to eat with the 5,000+ volts on the electrostatic precipitator air cleaner.

Actually, lizard tastes quite good. Haven’t had any since Belize, many, many years ago!!

Lost pet found in Marginal condition, Recommend a qualified contractor to review and estimate Life,Conditions may require stuffing and mounting

Btw is that a rare blizzard lizard ?

Not sure what type of lizard it is do not see too many up here. It was -17c out side and over a foot of snow on the ground, guess he was just looking for some where warm

Recommend turning over and doing the other side!

I carry one of those around to do my duct work inspections too.:mrgreen:

I agree with Michael post . . . amazing what you find.

Now if you could attach a cam to his head and send him through the ductwork, you might find a few more interesting things.
Seriously, looks like someone lost their pet.

Was the lizards name Jimmy Hoffa? Then you’d have something. :wink:


Shake in Bake for 20 Minutes at 350 F then serve on a bed of rice…

Call PITA or Greenpeace …they can protect the lizards new habitat … free furnace fix for the owner! :smiley:

Rob, its called a “Bearded Dragon” my kids use to have one they make great pets…