Found this on todays Inspection

Client like to lost her teeth. LOL. Wow that was one pissed off teenager.

That will be my next avatar

:shock: I don’t think I could buy that house… You would have to remove the door and replace it with a new one for me to even remotely consider it.


The lyrics are catchy…I give it a 5 and it is easy to dance to! :mrgreen:

Now, that’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are!

We don’t inspect/report on cosmetic!!

I found a home where when you removed the air filter, it said on the inside, “My wife is buried under this slab”!
Ended up calling the police and it was considered a prank…

At a home inspection a week or so back, couldn’t start until the buyer did a cleansing. Followed by a group prayer.

When I told her the master toilet had some issues. She placed her bible on top of the toilet and started burning incense in the bathroom.

The prayer was fine but the bible on the toilet was wierd.

We don’t inspect/report on cosmetic!!

Relax, this is exactly why people are hesitant to post here. Doesnt require that intense of response.
Didnt report on it, the client was there in the home while the inspection was going on. And yes she is planning to replace the door as well as repaint the entire room.

LOL i had a lady want me to scan a chair because it was rocking with no one in it .

Now thats funny!

Not if you did it in front of my grandmother! :mrgreen:
It was one thing that she was really superstitious about. She would hit you with a spoon if you were rocking the chair without anyone in it! And, she never missed! :shock:

Spoon, that vicious!

It was a joke!

Haitians in Port St. Lucie, J?

from a recent one of mine…

Families are breaking down everywhere. It is sad.

Sorry, but have seen dumber thing go south here sometimes. Anyway, you are correct.

It was a large wooden spoon that was kept hanging on a hook on a the kitchen wall.

To bad these are no longer used , too many no longer show respect in this world …