Found This Yesterday

A little hot don’t you think?




What was it operating? Is it a dimmer?

It depends.

Was it a lighted switch. was it on, More details needed . Is Elvis still alive

old school thermal imaging

is either more accurate/why?

Of course Elvis is still alive! I actually saw him singing on the street the last time I was in Vegas.

The switch is to 4 can lights in the living room. The lights are on during this picture. The actual finger knob/switch felt very loose. The switch would stay in the up/on position, but when you lightly tapped the switch it would fall to the off position.

If it was a type of Dimmer switch then it wasn’t operating correctly because I was only getting on and off.

Nice Brandon!
A worn switch could certainly produce those kind of signatures! Nice job. :slight_smile:

Just recommend rewiring the house and don’t worry about it …

Hammer Home Inspections

I don’t know Dan… they may have to gut the home and start over! :mrgreen:

That’s what I would have done but I like to keep things short and sweet while also protecting myself.

I wrote it up as: Unfortunately a deficiency was detected within the home and therefore I recommend the home be bull-dozed and replaced.

There’s a guy up here in Canada who’ll do that for you…everytime!! And for free apparently…he doesn’t make any $$$$$ for his work.