Foundation block deteriorated

The block face has deteriorated and spalled, so that the hollow core is open.What would you guys reccomend?

Is the damage at that downspout only?

Is there a window in that window well? crawl space? basement? inside pics? recommend repair by a qualified licensed foundation contractor.

Should the RE agent apply the mix before the closing? :thinking:

hmmm well, what shape/condition are the blocks in BELOW what you show, got milk?

Now, how is Mark A suppose to make a living…

My post was a ‘set up’ to get him to come out of hiding!! :wink:

how do some wiener-ville home inspectors make a living

It’s a crawl, the block was solid on the crawl side. That well is just around the vent and the spalling is just around the downspouts. I wasn’t sure if this would just be a foundation repair or needing a structural engineer. Thanks for the useful replies

Grading needs to be improved and downspout extended away from foundation and Mark A will be around to recommend waterproofing…

And some smartass will be around to say just fill the cavity with some concrete, correct the slope of the extension block, and be done with it. It ain’t rocket science. Even a home inspector can do it!

Got (chocolate) milk??

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