Foundation crumbling

I’m a new poster, so bear with me…we are building a new home, the foundation was poured March 9, yesterday when we were in the basement we noted the concrete had fallen away from the rebar at the front corner, (inside) this also happened on the outside wall other side of the house. I have put the question to the builder and am now asking for advice…can this be repaired? will it cause a problem for the structural integrity of the foundation?

A link to some pictures would be helpful.

What did the builder say?

And, where are you located?

Ontario, Canada, don`t have pics as yet, builder has not replied as yet, just emailed him this morning.

I do not know who, or how, these new people get on this message board. They should pay to be a member first. They seem to me they are all fishing…

Cannot hazard a guess without adequate information.

The general inspection section is open to non-members to post questions.
Pictures please.
What did the builder say?

Perhaps to much calcium , dried to quick . just a guess