Foundation Defects

Please take a close look on the photos of defective foundation in this web site

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This is a new home just completed last month in Cypress, Texas area. I discovered a long lumber 2x4 (around 2 feet long) buried inside at the brick-leg edge of foundation at the first day the foundation poured on March 14, 2008. I’ve requested the builder disclose me the documents related to this foundation problem and how they fix it but the builder has delined until July 11, 2008, they show me a “foundation inspection report” from a P.E. they hired to inspect the foundation. I believe the builder is hiding something… At the time a P.E. inspected foundation on July 11, 2008, the lumber was not there because it was drilled out and the hole was filled long time ago on May 21, 2008. I don’t think this foundation inspection report could be counted because it doesn’t certified or say anything about the foundation status at the time the lumber was buried inside and drilled out of it. The builder keeps talk around to not admit this is a serious problem of the foundation issues (of course, they will never admit its their fault) :mad: :cool:

Could anyone please give me any advice about these foundation problems and the building code violations of the 1st photo and the 2nd photo (unapproval material, mulch mixed in cement and sealed a cut-cable head)? I really appreciate for your kind help & advice!

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Holy cow. Was there no municipal inspection on this construction?

The nails are absolutely no problem, what so ever (and relatively common), but that’s it. Everything else points to an unqualified contractor.

How did you confirm whether or not the cables have been stressed? Generally, the elongation of every cable is documented and filed with the permits.

Wow…I second what Mr. Pope said about the nails. I see this quite often. But, as stated above, nothing else is common practice.

I can see there being many issues with that foundation down the road.

In regards to the nails, based on what is seen in the other sections, I would hazard a guess that they are probably attached to another 2x4 that is completely buried in that foundation. And if we had x-ray eyes, it might also be sticking out the other side, in contact with the ground, under the slab.

he’s out in the county and no inspections required.

give me a ring. i’d be happy to come out.

==> If the builder has these cables stressed and cut and has nothing to hide, then do you think I could ask them to disclose me documents of these works?

I believe there is no municipal inspection on this construction because this new house has been built and just completed a month ago in Cypress, a small city in TX state.

Because I stoped by the home site almost every day and base on the lengthy of cable unchange, the cement (mixing with a lot of mulch) patched in to the hole after the cable was cut, and many other shoddy works have been discovered in this construction home, my guess is the cable have not been stressed before it was cut. Also, I’ve noticed another post-tension cable appeared on the foundation wall in the back yard at the same time with the cable appeared in the front yard. Concrete then poured in this back yard area might cover up the uncut/unstressed cable.


Could you please advise… any code violation in these foundation defects?

Please help!

If there are no municipal inspections in this “county,” then code references will do you no good.

I would RUN (swiftly) from this contractor.

I really appreciate all your advices, Mr. Pop. I already ran away from this matter :D. Actually, I was back out of the purchase contract week ago due to many construction defects occur with this house, specially, the foundation issues and among many other reasons. Nevertheless, I’m still looking for referenced codes of this issue for supporting evidences in my case… According to the purchase agreement, I shall get out of the contract and have the right to get a full refund of my deposits with legitimate reasons. I wish someone can help or give me to have the reference codes or reference guidelines related to this foundation issues…

Construction Issues](

If someone has the code on CD, they could search for the word “workmanlike”

I think there’s something in there about the work being done in a workmanlike manner.

Also, does it not have any concrete specs? Wood is not a proper ingredient in concrete.

You may have to get an attorney to write a letter stating that you will have a construction consultant review the photos and issue an opinion. If the opinion is in your favor, the builder will be expected to pay for all time and expenses unless all money is refunded. Also, inform the builder you will run a large ad in several papers warning the public about him unless he makes the refund. This will get results.