Foundation drain

okay fine, run it out n far away, no problem but need to seal/waterproof any n all blocks that will be below grade and make sure no openings in block 'n joints above grade, i guess one point is that if you think what he is doing will keep a basement dry then you are mistaken - it wouldn’t hurt NEW builds to do something like this AND waterproof the ext walls, not just damproof them n backfill with crap like they often do. Right, many new builds won’t have this much room lol but, ‘something like this’ directing water below grade, AWAY from house, especially the corners… it wouldn’t hurt eh.

5:40… if you’re gonna do something like this, notice the several inches to around 1’ gap UNDER some of the pipe, well just saying it would have been better for the pipe if he’d backfill UNDENEATH it all with gravel, for more drainage and for SUPPORT and not push chunks of sht and roots etc on top, dig?

Obviously they have no clue on how to have a proper bedding for a pipe and now the pipe goes up and down in the trench with bellies to hold water.

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Frogs need a place to live in the winter Marcel, those little below ground pools are like a fine resort for them…Saw a camera scan of my new construction storm sewer lines…plenty of winter frog lakes…


Geez, if you going to do something wrong better make sure you film it and post it online.