Foundation Evaluation/Certification

I was wondering if anyone did this separate of a home inspection? The home is located within 2 miles of a blasting plant and the owner said she needs an evaluation of the foundation for settlement before they put the home on the market.
She spoke with a structural engineer and of course it was rather expensive so she is looking for other options.

Would anyone do this or just stay away?


The structural components of a home, are just one part of a home inspection. I would explain to her what you will be looking at in regards to that, and quote her a “partial inspection”. Of course, I would certainly try to upsell her on the idea of doing a full “pre-listing” home inspection while she is at it. For example, you might quote her $150.00 for the structural inspection alone, but $300.00 for the whole house in including roof, exterior, interior, HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems.

Along with what Mark said… I would **not **certify anything. If she feels she needs the certification, she will need to pay the SE.

I was definetly going to pitch the pre-listing inspection. I could tell her I can give you my opinion on the foundation but if you what a certification then you need to use a SE.

Thanks for the advice Mark and Jeff


As a structural engineer there is not much to certify, to do so could cost you money and make some attorney happy. To be specific all I would do is observe and document any existing foundation cracks and install a crack gauge to monitor over time. From 2mi away blasting from a rock quarry should not be an issue. Seismic monitors could be installed to monitor any effects from a blast. Typically when a quarry opens for business or a contractor anticipates doing any blasting close to any buildings their insurance company will request a pre-blast survey. They will hire a consultant to take pictures and record any existing structural damage, measure cracks, look for broken windows, look at the sheetrock, etc. and set up seismic monitors to back any future claim. There are plenty of people for whatever reason looking for an opportunity to claim damages if they think the quarry or contractor will pay.