Foundation Failure

I have a personal interest in this situation… it’s my house!!!:shock:

I have two vertical cracks in my poured basement walls. The cracks are spaced far apart and only one (near the day-light corner of house) has settled. The bricks on the front of the house have cracked and opened up, the trim board joint at corner of house has kicked out… all the classsic signs of a foundation failure.

I know it will be costly so I will get several estimates. Does anyone have any actual experience with companies that repair foundations? Best method? Warranties? Etc.,

My house is a brick ranch, approx 2800 sq ft, with full basement. Any comments would be appreciated. Oh, I know the $$$ will be high but what kind of costs have you seen.

When I finally have this repaired I plan to take lots of pictures. I think it would make a great presentation on why to hire a HI.:wink:

Thanks in advance.


Get ahold of Ram Jack for a repair quote.

I used them six years ago for a slab failure.

Here is the Arizona link, but their all over the country.

Any verticle displacement? Bowing of the wall? If soil/water pressure is the problem you may need an excavator to dig out expansive soil rather than mud jacking to raise a sunken section.

Kenton, have you ever had Ram Jack do any work for you?

Pretty knowledgeable company and they give free quotes and advise (for Roberts issue, what ever it might be).

There was a home here for sale for over a year, with no takers, the mono-slab failed miserably. Ram Jack installed 6 piers for $38,000.00 with a lifetime guarantee. One portion of the home was built over buried construction debris in a corner lot.

No I haven’t Dale, and I know some of these foundation contractors get pretty knowledeable after a while.
Mostly I’m just curious about what’s happening with Robert’s house.

Yeah I hear you, sounds kind of odd, all of a sudden failure, or noticeable anyway.

Hi. Robert, any pictures?

That might help us in helping you figure this out.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I purchased the home new in 1992. After the basement floor was poured, they used a wet saw to cut expansion joints. The arc of the saw blade barely kissed the wall. Later, small verticle hairline cracks developed in the wall from where the saw blade touched. I have watched them for years and over time the crack at the left end of the house (facing the house) has gotten bigger to what I have now. One thing that could have happened, about 8 years ago I had a water pipe break in the front yard at that end of the house (about 20 ft from house). It probably ran for 2 days before it was noticed (I was out of town). Not sure if it could have washed out the soil under the footings. Here are a few pictures. I dont have one in the basement but it’s verticle, no in/out displacement, and about a 1/2 inch.




Sounds like the saw blade nick in the wall turned into a control joint. Unfortunately, it did just what it was supposed to do!
Some kinds of clay expand with moisture and don’t shrink after drying. If you have that kind of clay in the soil around your home, the water leak might be the source of your problem. will take you to a site similar to Google Earth from which you can record the general composition of the soil around your home. It might at least give you a rough idea about clay content if you don’t already know.

If that’s the problem, sounds like a half-day with a backhoe and some non-expansive fill.

It definitely shows displacement.

Assuming the the left side of your house is West, their seems to be quite a drop in grade in that area.
Was that the area of the underground water leak?

I know these questions might seem intrusive, but are required to help you and make a better conclusion as to what caused it.

Any information on this board is free. ha. ha.

Next best, hire local Geotech Civil Engineer and Structural Engineer to evaluate. $$$$$$$$$$$$

Trying to help. Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I would contact an Attorney.

Tort law generally provides for filing of a suit up to 10 years from the date of occurrence or 2 years upon becoming aware of the structural deficiency. (Your particular State Law may vary)

The failed water main eroding the soil under the home may have caused the condition that is present at this time.

We have good old Ga red clay :neutral: The failed water line was on my side of the meter so I’m sure it’s my problem, not the county’s. I know I have a foundation problem, I’m just asking if anyone has experience or recommendations for method of repair (Cable-lock, helical-piers, etc.)


Sorry to hear of your problem.
Many of my clients have had get sucess with
I don’t know if they are in your area but may be worth a shot.
Good luck,

Helicles work like a charm, but they can be expensive. I’d get three bids from experienced foundation contractors.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll get 3 estimates for sure.