Foundation Help Needed!


Our home is a mess. Our builder walked off the job when we emailed him that we were going to get our own GC or someone to simply be our eyes and ears on the job. We recently met with the excavation sub who stated that the builder told them to keep digging, against their recommendation and that no land surveyor was ever used nor present. Long story short, our walkout basement of our 7,800sq ft first and only dream home was dug about 4ft too deep. After the city came and passed the foundation walls, the builder took some sort of wood slats and put it up against where the cement foundation ended, stapled a black plastic matting to the wood and shoved all the dirt up against it. We are in the process of fixing tons of framing and am very concerned about a good 3ft of our foundation being a 1/2 inch sheet of wood! This cannot be code? How can it be fixed? Whom do we ask? The City was out and are most concerned with the framing. I however, am concerned with the foundation. Our plans, like any plans show cement protruding from the ground, as it should be. PLEASE ADVISE!!!

I think you need to get a lawyer ,
I expect he will advise you to get an Engineer to do a report.