Foundation Inspection question

We had an inspection done for a house purchase yesterday. We are out of state buyers so we weren’t there for the inspection. The house is 14 yrs old. poured concrete foundation, walk out basement in Georgia. If you saw these cracks in the foundation, would you be overly concerned? We are going to ask for sellers to fix of course, but wanted some advice on whether we might be walking into a potential major problem and should just walk away?

From report: Poured Concrete foundation walls. The exterior view of the
foundation is limited to the portions visible above grade.
There is a differential crack where the garage slab meets the
foundation at the back wall of the home. This may be due to
increased soil pressure behind the wall and below the garage slab.
Conditions exist that warrant further investigation by a
Professional Engineer. Seek bids to remedy the condition from at
least three (3) Licensed Professional Foundation Contractors.

Unfortunately, the pics are too close to the subject wall (no point of reference). To err on the side of caution, I would employ the services of a structural engineer to evaluate the cracks before buying.