Foundation made of earth

Has anyone ever seen an entire basement with foundation walls made of earth and a very thin layer of cementitious plaster coating?

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Yep. Was very common in my area up until the ‘bubble burst’ and everyone began remodeling and ‘finishing’ their basements because they couldn’t afford to move.

Hey Jeffrey, thought I might hear from you. Do you seriously have homes with this type of foundation? Do you have a lot of clay type soil? Do you see any issues or would you have any recommendations as far as maintaining the integrity of this type foundation.

Howdy Grover…
I don’t have much time tonight, but IMO, the single most important factor is the “Angle of Repose”.
Check these pics and associated pages to get an understanding, if you aren’t already… I’ll check back when I can. I’m sure Marcel will jump in with his great input also!