Foundation not inspected

Please post your research and your expertise.

I am waiting with bated breath.

Still waiting for your answers Wayne.

And what does Radon testing have to do with mold testing anyway? :roll:

Careful with your answer as it is a trap question. :wink:

Wayne, when you have something useful to say I will tell you.:roll:

I think you will be waiting a long time Michael.

Wayne is a good guy Kevin he just gets lost in some threads. :wink:

Radon Nothing with mold i just wonder if you were a expert with that.
As for waiting for me Micheal unlike you i was doing Hi today . How does this for useful , I now naming the Piers Morgan of NACHI .MEANING, SO YOU DO NOT GET DAZED AND CONFUSED . Your a bit Pompous, a little self centered, but entertaining . BTW you didn’t tell me i could post so Please ignore this .

Yes I am.

How about you?

I do not regard pomposity a flaw if one can back it up knowledge and experience. :wink:

Amazing the mentality of the reporter to even write such a ridiculous article - then add to it with a couple of numbskulls standing there staring at the suspect TOXIC Mould —:lol:

If they were standing there picking their noses, it would all come together nicely…:lol:

Deep down your a good guy but on the surface your a A… hole lol;-)

I have been called worse by better than you Mr. Wilson.

Have a nice day.

LOLOL i am sure . Keep up the good work . I was being Nice BTW. Better than me most likely, i do not put myself on the top of the mountain like you do

Wayne, someone has to be on top.

Are we talking about something else now? :wink: