Foundation pee wees of Mich and Everdorks water diverting

some Yelp reviews… you can bet many of the negative reviews ARE true

if you are going to lie, misrepresent homeowners actual problem and solution then I for one am gonna call your lil bitch ass out, let her rip bitches

Everdorks water diverting

but according to a home inspector here, DON’T call Markkky the Bubba man, Nooooooooooooo, you’re supposed to call the ones who will try n be nice as fkkk to your face while they slide pee wee Herman in your back door, that’s what Youngie-young wants ya ta do, stupid azz mfrs

… … … … …


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hahahahahaaa Unc P Wee

:rofl: That is where the problem starts, a back door entry to the problem.

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