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I have only recently been monitoring this message board and have noticed some nice comments about the website. My son and I are the webmasters for the website.

For those who are interested, I have just uploaded an updated version of the site. There are very few changes except in the Buyer's Guide to Slab-on-Ground Foundations booklet. This booklet has been severely edited and somewhat enlarged. It can be found on the download page of the website. The version on the website can be viewed but is not printable. A printable copy can be obtained by following the instructions on the site.

Any inspector who inspects slab-on-ground foundations should have their own copy of this booklet.

I have also added to the links section of the site.

Again I appreciate the nice things vistors have said about the site.

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It is a great site, and a very good web reference for home inspectors and engineers, with a lot of practical information on foundation construction and problems. The hard work and professional approach shows.

For anyone who hasn't checked out Mike's site, I would HIGHLY recommend you spend some time there. Especially if you are in an area with expansive soil conditions or where slab-on-grade foundation construction is common.

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