foundation possibly moved (posted by m goodwin)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on by m goodwin (from hardy ar.). [/ASKNACHI]my house was in a tornado recently, we have cracks on every side of the house in the blocksthat our foundation sits on.How can i tell which are from the house settleing, and which are from the foundation actually moving from the tornado?And by the way it was a f-4 tornado and 1 of my walls was sucked out about 4 inches on one end of the house, and a 12000 pound 5th wheel was thrown into the other end.

This sounds pretty serious, sounds like you may need a structural engineer. Has your area been declared a disaster area? if so fill all your paper work out immediately for FEMA so you can receive funds.
They will sent out a inspector to verify the damage.
If your area has not and will not be declared a disaster area then an INACHI inspector can help you.
We hope everyone is OK stay safe