Foundation Problems

BIG foundation problems. . .

Interesting, how did you report it?

Major cracks and damage noted at the foundation. Evaluation by a certified structural engineer and repairs by a state licensed foundation contractor are advised. . .

Zinsco–loose breakers, double tapped–wait a minute,
I thought if it was JP it had to strange electrical stuff…

Same house. . .

I knew you’d come through…

Good boy.

ya know…that second picture reminds me of someone…i can’t remember her name, but one year she photo copied her rump on a xerox and e-mailed it to all her friend, sobered up and wasn’t seen for about a month.


your report should read " observed butt cracks in foundation, recommend further probing to discover sorce" just becarefull, deadly gasses have been known to seep out of just such cracks. (oh man…i kill me.)ROTFLMAO

Where do you find these places. And I thought I wanted to live in California.
If this is the level of housing available on the shaky side I think I will stay here in the great white north.

Jeff…where is the Zinsco? or FPP?.. There has to be one there…:shock:

Dale - see post #4 & #5 in this thread. . .

It depends on which house you’re looking to buy. . .

Jeff, sorry for the misconception…I should have know better…:smiley:

Every time I see your name, the only thing which comes to mind is Zinsco…:shock:

By the way, I ran into one a few days ago…I’m never taking the cover off another one :smiley: , I had breakers which looked like a slinky…:shock:

What a time putting that menagerie back together…](*,)