foundation repair gone wrong, who pays etc...wiff Danny from Hydro

Got milk?

4:00 at least a partial interior basement system installed that does nothing to stop water from entering the exterior cracks in block walls and does nothing to relieve, remove exterior weight/pressure, underground roots off failing walls

5:15 sump pump, again, does nothing to stop water that has been entering exterior cracks for many years and does nothing to relieve/remove exterior weight,pressure, clay,roots

6:05… and 7:00 trees = roots, roots can also dry-out the soil which can cause foundation problems

20:30 and 21:40 chimney, he says ‘chimney is moving (cracking)’ and points to both sides.

umm, IF that chimney is moving aka IF cracks have occurred on the SIDES where he points to then it’s very likely those cracks extend DOWN to/towards the footing hence, he needs to at least CHECK that possibility and remove the visqueen etc in order to check and then, if necessary, seal/hydraulic cement those cracks!!! loolll omfg he says NOTHING about that, doesn’t utter one damn word about the possibility. Why not? He spent a half friggin hour on the video, whats a few more seconds!! morons all over.

Yeah, he IS right about quite a few CITY inspectors… they suck on this subject, incompetent, yeppers

John, below grade water dispersal will likely be a disaster for any home over time.
That pipe was Hub and Spigot. That was likely the original roof water dispersal system.
Likely that home was built prior 1958.

As for the rerouting roof water. IMO, they tried to create a septic field weep system.
Short sighted. Too small an area.
As well, soil must be evaluated to assess if it has expansive or contractive qualities and where the water table is.

That was a passionate persons. Is that you? I thought you were a shoutly fellow from what I remember.
His SE should have provided him with a drawing or at the very least explained to him how to draw one prior going to the county clerk’s office.
It appears he likes to listen to himself though. How many times did he say he had an in-pocket SE on the job?

Damn, it would take me 1 hour to make drawings and I am not an SE.
It appears he likes to listen to himself.