Foundation repair, scams, myths, frauds and omissions

This is not the first time you’ve heard what this guy says/knows…i seem to remember some old fart that many home inspectors do not care for, saying the SAME things this guy says… got milk? Well do ya?
Foundation repair… scams, myths, frauds and omissions

Duh umm, also seem to recall a good guy up in Canada–land, Mr McEwen disagreeing with what 1++ cities up there do, don’t do!

1:55 … “Many cities use the PERMIT PROCESS as a means of REVENUE instead of protecting the consumer”


7:00 … “Duh MEDIA doesn’t want to explore these problems…” Advertising revenue… right!

In order for a city inspector to properly and thoroughly ‘inspect’ a waterproofing job… first they would need to know why the basement actually/truly leaks!!! And city inspectors are either ignorant/incompetent on THIS SUBJECT hence won’t know how to determine most leaky basements OR, they just simply believe the bulshtt that comes out of the interior basement system companies mouths, duh lies, misrepresentations.

Then a city inspector would need to watch, aka inspect, what the contractor applies to the exterior cracks etc… did the contractor use hydraulic cement…then a thick mastic, visqueen etc…they would need to see/watch the process and… they don’t… ever!

Then a city inspector would need to watch the backfill process… did the contractor backfill with most–all gravel OR, is the contractor backfilling with most–all of the same shtty clay etc soil.

City inspectors around cheer 99% of the time are ON SITE for approx. 60 seconds…lololll, and all they ask about or say is… “How are the exterior drain tiles down there fella’s?”… YO, Mr city inspector, why don’t you get your sorry azz IN the hole/trench and inspect the lousy drain tiles YOURSELF!

Buying/selling a home…same shtt with ROOFS, in order to thoroughly inspect a roof, city inspectors need to get UP on duh roof BUTT, they don’t…least not around here hence, they are not thoroughly inspecting any roof.

Grosse Pointe MI, block walls, another incompetent MORON interior system company installed their crap, homeowner OUT many thousands and have the same problems… am told by the seller that the city DID ‘inspect’ (pffffffffffffffffffft!) the job, sue these morons are well, and hurry the hlll up