Foundation Repair

I have never seen this type of repair before. The Realtor / Vendor claim that it was performed by the builder approximatley 12 years ago.

Comments would be appreciated.

Regards: Bryce

MTBasement Fix.jpg

MTBasement Fix.jpg

MTBasement Fix.jpg

I can’t really tell much from that photo but you could recommend buyer get repair paperwork with any warranty info or SE sign off/look see.

Thanks Larry. 12 years ago and no paperwork!

Then I’d recommend proper fix verification by SE.

It appears to be an apoxy injection. Recommend SE

You guys would recommend an SE for a leak repair? Come on! Where is the “structural” concern. Concrete cracks and when it does it leaks.

Now the “repair” looks horrible, and extremely messy at best. I’d recommend the client contact the sellers about any guarantee’s for the repair. Tell them that most epoxy ejection is considered temporary in that they are usually only guaranteed for 10 years. And that if there has been any additional settlement over the years that the epoxy can and will crack. They need to monitor it and repair as necessary.

Hahahaha…Did you see the bolts?

No I didn’t… I thought they were the plastic injection tubes. It’s hard to tell with the picture.

Yes it is, hence the SE consideration…without more info.

I guess I gotta agree. :slight_smile:

Not for a repair, more like why in the first place did the crack occur through the wall, I would not want to be told to monitor and repair every time I see a leak.

OK, bolts…coudn’t tell I didn’t see any washers, and all that run off looks like epoxy


Thank you all for the input and timely replies. It is much appreciated and the reason that this is the best organization going.

Regards: Bryce


That crack appears to have been filled with epoxy (Epoxy Injection Method). Injection ports would be placed in the crack and the gaps between the injection ports would be surfaced sealed. Once dried epoxy would be injected in to each port progressing from the bottom to the top under pressure to fill the void. However typically when this is done the wall is cleaned prior to the injection, the ports would be removed and the holes filled. The current staining leads me to believe that crack still leaks.

I would also recommend a SE for evaluation.