Foundation school


Does anyone know where I can get more education on concrete slab foundations, i.e. interpreting cracks, shifts, etc…?

Thanks in advance for any insight.


Are you looking for formal ‘class room’ style education or places where you can gain knowledge on your own? If the latter, then check and . They are both pertinent to Texas foundation issues.

I would take either style of learning but prefer to sort it out on my own. Thank you very much.

Also, John Cahill, inspector in Dallas area and a member of the TREC Inspectors Committee offers a foundation course from time to time. I took it last year in San Antonio and it was pretty good. Try but it doesn’t look like he’s offering it anymore. Maybe give him a call though.

Thanks again!

Do our friends from Canada still offer the “NACHI Caravan” that made the rounds last fall? There was a great 8-hour and 16-hour class on foundations offered through them, free to all chapters.

Have not heard from any of them for some time now??

Likely the price of gas curtailed extra curricular travels. ;(

I tried Emailing them several times for my chapters kick-off meeting and never got a response back.

That was about 6 months ago.

I suppose Bob and Helen are too involved with Inter-Nachi to continue with us. It was a great class, though. Day one was 8 hours on foundations, day two was 8 hours on windows and doors. Lots of “hands on” with very useful information.

Perhaps someone from NACHI National can comment on the status of this past benefit.

Try goggle/ American concrete institute or something along those lines. I have used their web site before and they have listed concrete standards on it. Had to because I built a shed on a concrete pad and had one minor settlement crack and the client was all over me, I finally went out and smeared urethane caulking on top of it and they were fine, by the way, the crack was less than 1/8

Hope this helps./

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I attended Michael Gray’s (owner of website) class a month ago at TAREI convention in The Woodland’s last month. It was absolutely the best, most informative class that I have taken in my four+ years as a home inspector. I highly recommend it.


Mike link is a no go??

Why yes I do Bruce.